Title 11
Criminal Offenses

Chapter 37.1
Sexual Offender Registration and Community Notification

R.I. Gen. Laws § 11-37.1-15

§ 11-37.1-15. Application hearing procedures.

(a) On the date set for the hearing on the review of the application the court shall:

(1) In camera, review the materials provided in accordance with § 11-37.1-14(4);

(2) Determine whether and to what extent the production of witnesses and cross examination shall be required or permitted depending on the complexities of the matter involved, the extent of doubt concerning the correctness of the level, nature and extent of the notification proposed; and

(3) Presume the need for a prompt determination.

(b) In any application hearing proceeding the rules of evidence shall not apply and the court may rely on documentary presentations, including expert opinion on all issues.

(c) Nothing in this section should be construed to allow the applicant to relitigate the adjudication of guilt.

History of Section.
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