Criminal Offenses

CHAPTER 11-41.1
Grocery and Laundry Carts, Milk Cases, Egg Baskets, and Bakery Containers

SECTION 11-41.1-6

§ 11-41.1-6. Unlawful removal of shopping carts, dairy cases, dispenser cases, egg baskets, bakery containers, and plastic bulk merchandise containers.

It is a violation of this chapter for any person not in lawful possession of a shopping cart, dairy case, dispenser case, egg basket, bakery container, or plastic bulk merchandise container to remove a shopping cart or dairy case or dispenser case or egg basket or bakery container or plastic bulk merchandise container from the premises, parking area, or any other area of any retail establishment, or from any dairy or bakery delivery vehicle, if:

(1) The shopping cart, dairy case, bakery container, dispenser case, egg basket or plastic bulk merchandise container is marked on at least two (2) sides with a registered name or mark; and

(2) A notice to the public, warning that use by any person other than the registered owner is punishable by law, is visibly displayed on the dairy case.

History of Section.
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