Title 11
Criminal Offenses

Chapter 41
Theft, Embezzlement, False Pretenses, and Misappropriation

R.I. Gen. Laws § 11-41-16

§ 11-41-16. Sale or concealment of property leased or purchased on conditional sale.

Whoever, being in possession of personal property, other than wearing apparel, received upon a written and conditional contract of sale or acquired upon a written lease, or in which any person, firm, or corporation shall have a valid and perfected security interest in accordance with the provisions of title 6A, sells, conveys, conceals, or aids in concealing the property, or any part of it, or refuses to return the property with intent to defraud, before performance of the conditions precedent to acquiring its title, shall be guilty of larceny and be subject to the penalties set forth in § 11-41-5.

History of Section.
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