Criminal Offenses

Treason and Related Offenses

SECTION 11-43-10

§ 11-43-10. Arrest and commitment of persons charged.

Whenever any person shall be adjudged to be probably guilty of any offense under this chapter, he or she may be committed to the adult correctional institutions in any county, there to remain until discharged by order of law, and warrant of commitment shall issue accordingly, directed to the division of sheriffs or to either of the city or town sergeants or town constables in the same county with himself or herself, and to the warden of the adult correctional institutions, which warrant may be executed by the officer charged with it, although beyond his or her precinct, and shall constitute him or her, while charged with it, an officer, the obstructing of whom, while in the execution of this office, shall be punished as is or may be by law in other cases provided.

History of Section.
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