Criminal Offenses

Credit Card Crime Act

SECTION 11-49-6

§ 11-49-6. Possession of machinery, plates or other contrivance or incomplete credit cards.

A person other than the cardholder possessing two (2) or more incomplete credit cards with intent to complete them without the consent of the issuer or a person possessing with knowledge of its character any machinery, plates, or any other contrivance designed to reproduce instruments purporting to be the credit cards of an issuer who has not consented to the preparation of the credit cards violates this section and is subject to the penalties set forth in § 11-49-10(b). A credit card is incomplete if part of the matter other than the signature of the cardholder, which an issuer requires to appear on the credit card before it can be used by a cardholder, has not yet been stamped, embossed, imprinted, or written on it.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1969, ch. 129, § 2.)