Criminal Offenses

Games of Chance

SECTION 11-50-1

§ 11-50-1. Filing requirement.

Any person, firm, or corporation proposing to engage in any game, contest, or other promotion or advertising scheme or plan in which a retail establishment offers the opportunity to receive gifts, prizes, or gratuities, as determined by chance, in order to promote its retail business, where the total announced value of the prizes offered to the general public is in excess of five hundred dollars ($500), shall file with the secretary of state upon a form that he or she shall provide a statement setting forth: (1) the minimum number of participating objects to be made available; (2) the minimum number of prize winning objects that will be included in the promotion or advertising scheme or plan; (3) the proportionate opportunity of winning prizes; (4) the minimum value of prizes to be made available; and (5) the rules and regulations pertaining to the promotion or advertising scheme or plan which shall include the period of time and the geographic area to be covered by the contest. There shall be a filing fee of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) when the statement is filed. Failure to file a statement shall be a misdemeanor.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1972, ch. 199, § 1; P.L. 1990, ch. 65, art. 43, § 9.)