Criminal Offenses

Use of Theft Detection Devices

SECTION 11-63-2

§ 11-63-2. Detention of persons suspected of unlawful use and/or removal of theft detection devices – Reasonable cause.

(a) The activation of an anti-shoplifting or inventory control device as a result of a person exiting the establishment or a protected area within the establishment shall constitute reasonable cause for the detention of the person exiting by the owner or operator of the establishment or by an agent or employee of the owner or operator, provided sufficient notice has been posted to advise the patrons that the device is being utilized. Each detention shall be made only in a reasonable manner and only for a reasonable period of time sufficient for any inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the activation of the device or for the recovery of goods.

(b) The taking into custody and detention by a law enforcement officer, merchant, or merchant's employee, if done in compliance with all the requirements of this section, shall not render law enforcement officer, merchant, or merchant's employee criminally or civilly liable for false arrest, false imprisonment, or unlawful detention.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2001, ch. 282, § 1.)