Criminal Offenses


SECTION 11-9-13.12

§ 11-9-13.12. Enforcement and penalties – Citation for violation.

(a) Any local or state of Rhode Island police department or the attorney general, their officers or agents, shall issue a citation for any violation of the requirements or prohibitions of this chapter.

(b) The license holder receiving the citation may elect to plead guilty to the violation(s) and pay the fine(s) through the mail within ten (10) days, or appear in court to answer to the citation.

(c) All recipients of third and subsequent citations within any thirty-six (36) month period shall appear in court for a hearing on the citation.

(d) The failure of a license holder to either pay the citation through the mail within ten (10) days, where permitted under this section, or to appear in court on the date specified shall be cause for the court to hold the license holder in contempt of court with the penalty assessed a suspension of license for six (6) months and a five hundred dollar ($500) fine.

(e) The court shall impose court costs and any other court fee(s) on anyone convicted in court of a violation of this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1996, ch. 321, § 1.)