Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 1.2
State Crime Laboratory

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-1.2-3

§ 12-1.2-3. Functions of the state crime laboratory.

The state crime laboratory shall be responsible for:

(1) Technical services.

(i) To examine and evaluate physical evidence collected at the scene of a crime or related to a crime. The examinations will be conducted in areas such as forensic serology, firearms, analyses of accelerants, explosives, scientific methodology in microscopy, including fiber, hair, blood, and plant microscopy, spectroscopy, ion emission, glass examination, tool impressions, fingerprint techniques, tire impressions, and other similar technology;

(ii) To examine evidence upon submission by state and local fire departments and law enforcement agencies;

(iii) To assure the safe custody of that evidence;

(iv) To submit written reports of the results of examinations of evidence to the agency;

(v) To request the services of qualified consultants when deemed necessary;

(vi) To render expert court testimony when requested;

(vii) To assist in the processing of a crime scene upon request to the director. Transportation as needed for this function should be provided by the agency requesting assistance.

(2) Training.

(i) To offer a training course in scientific criminal investigation each year to all enforcement divisions both state and local;

(ii) To offer refresher or in-service courses in specialty areas of scientific criminal investigation;

(iii) To conduct training dealing with police science, when requested, for each of the Rhode Island State Municipal Police Training Academy classes, the Providence Police Academy classes, and the Rhode Island State Police Academy classes.

(3) Research. To conduct ongoing research in areas of the forensic sciences.

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