Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 1
Identification and Apprehension of Criminals

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-1-4

§ 12-1-4. Division of criminal identification — Chief and assistants.

There shall be a division of criminal identification in the department of the attorney general to be in charge of a chief who shall be appointed by the attorney general to serve at the pleasure of the attorney general, and who shall devote all of his or her time to the duties of his or her office. The chief with the approval of the attorney general may appoint any assistants that he or she may deem necessary to carry out the work of the division, within the limits of any appropriation made for that purpose, and may with the approval of the attorney general discontinue the employment of any assistants at any time. The chief shall perform the functions required by the provisions of this chapter. In addition to availability of records to law enforcement agencies and officers, the records shall be made available to any attorney of record in any criminal action, and any officials of businesses which are required by federal or state law or regulation to effectuate a criminal background check of potential or prospective employees. The information shall be confidential and shall be used only by the employer for the employee’s application of employment.

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