Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 10
Preliminary Proceedings in District Courts

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-10-6

§ 12-10-6. Recognizance or commitment on charge of offense beyond trial jurisdiction of district court.

Whenever any person shall be brought before the district court upon a complaint charging him or her with an offense which is not within the jurisdiction of the court to try and determine, and it shall appear to the court that the accused is probably guilty, the court shall, if the offense is bailable by it, require the accused to enter into a recognizance in any sum that the court shall direct, with sufficient surety to be approved by the court, with condition that the accused will appear at the superior court for the county in which the division is situated at the time fixed for the attendance of the grand jury in that court which is next after seven (7) days from the day when the recognizance was ordered, and not to depart the superior court without leave, and in the meantime keep the peace and be of good behavior toward all the people of this state. The recognizance shall be immediately certified as soon as may be by the district court to the court before which the accused shall recognize to appear. Whenever the district court shall require any person to enter into a recognizance for his or her appearance before it or before any other court, and shall not give the recognizance, the person shall be immediately committed to the adult correctional institutions, there to remain until he or she is discharged pursuant to law. If the required recognizance is for the appearance of the accused before the superior court, the fact of the commitment shall be immediately certified to the superior court before which the accused has been held to appear.

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