Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 13
Bail and Recognizance

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-13-25

§ 12-13-25. Nonprofit bail corporations.

(a) “Nonprofit bail corporation” means Project Bail, a Rhode Island nonprofit charitable corporation, and other nonprofit charitable corporations organized for the purpose of providing bail or surety as may be designated by the presiding justice of the superior court from time to time.

(b) Nonprofit bail corporations are authorized to provide bail or surety in all courts of the state for all persons eligible under the provisions of this chapter entitled to be released on bail. Nonprofit bail corporations may appoint an agent or agents to act in their behalf.

(c)(1) Nonprofit bail corporations shall not be required to furnish cash or other security for bail but shall be allowed to bail those entitled to be bailed solely on the written promise of the nonprofit bail corporation to pay, in the event a defendant fails to appear at trial or any other appearance in which the defendant is required to be present, the amount of cash bail imposed; provided, the aggregate amount for which any nonprofit bail corporation shall be liable at any one time shall not exceed an amount equal to five (5) times the amount of its capital.

(2) For the purposes of this section:

(i) “Cash bail” means the amount of cash bail set, or a sum of money equal to ten percent (10%) of the amount of surety bail if surety bail is set; and

(ii) “Capital” means total assets less total liabilities, determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles consistently applied.

(d) Nonprofit bail corporations:

(1) Shall not be entitled to bail any individual for whom bail has been set in an amount exceeding fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) surety bail or five thousand dollars ($5,000) cash bail;

(2) Shall prescribe a program of supervision and counseling for all persons for whom it has furnished bail, which program shall be designed to assure attendance at trial or at any other appearance in which the appearance of the person is required; and the conditions of supervision shall become part of the bail and recognizance conditions of release and with any violation of the conditions the nonprofit bail corporation may move to release surety; and

(3) Shall not furnish bail for any person if the pending charge against the person involves a capital offense or a felony in which the use of force or violence is involved or the sale or delivery of or possession with the intent to sell or deliver over one ounce of a Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substance, as defined in chapter 28 of title 21.

(e) Nonprofit bail corporations shall not be required to deposit any money with the court as required by § 12-13-10. However, upon default of any individual bailed by a nonprofit bail corporation to make any required appearance, the court may order the nonprofit bail corporation to pay any sum not to exceed the amount of the individual’s cash bail to the general treasurer. Nonprofit bail corporations shall not be liable for the payment of any fine or court costs which may be owing by any individual.

(f) The presiding justice of the superior court shall register and approve Project Bail and may register and approve other nonprofit bail corporations as bondspersons from time to time. The registration of any nonprofit bail corporation may be revoked at any time by the presiding justice of the superior court and shall be revoked if the nonprofit bail corporation fails to pay any amount for which it is liable under this chapter. Nonprofit bail corporations shall be exempt from the provisions of §§ 12-13-8 and 12-13-21 and rules promulgated pursuant to those sections and from other statutes and rules which are inconsistent with this section.

History of Section.
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