Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 19
Sentence and Execution

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-19-34

§ 12-19-34. Priority of restitution payments to victims of crime.

(a)(1) If a person, pursuant to §§ 12-19-32, 12-19-32.1, or 12-19-33, is ordered to make restitution in the form of monetary payment the court may order that it shall be made through the administrative office of state courts which shall record all payments and pay the money to the person injured in accordance with the order or with any modification of the order; provided, in cases where the court determines that the defendant has the present ability to make full restitution, payment shall be made at the time of sentencing.

(2) Payments made on account when both restitution to a third-party is ordered, and court costs, fines, and fees, and assessments related to prosecution are owed, shall be disbursed by the administrative office of the state courts in the following priorities:

(i) Upon determination of restitution, court ordered restitution payments shall be paid first to persons injured until such time as the court’s restitution is fully satisfied;

(ii) Followed by the payment of court costs, fines, fees, and assessments related to prosecution.

(3) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, any interest which has been accrued by the restitution account in the central registry shall be deposited on a regular basis into the crime victim compensation fund, established by chapter 25 of this title. In the event that the office of the administrator of the state courts cannot locate the person or persons to whom restitution is to be made, the principal of the restitution payment shall escheat to the state pursuant to the provisions of chapter 12 of title 8.

(b) The state is authorized to develop rules and/or regulations relating to assessment, collection, and disbursement of restitution payments when any of the following events occur:

(1) The defendant is incarcerated or on home confinement or has completed probation without completing restitution but is able to pay some portion of the restitution; or

(2) The victim dies before restitution payments are completed.

(c) The state may maintain a civil action to place a lien on the personal or real property of a defendant who is assessed restitution, as well as to seek wage garnishment, and/or seek enforcement of civil judgment entered in accordance with § 12-28-5.1 consistent with state and federal law.

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