Criminal Procedure

Sentence and Execution

SECTION 12-19-8

§ 12-19-8 Suspension of sentence and probation by superior or district court.

(a) Except where the suspension of sentence shall otherwise be prohibited by law, whenever any defendant shall appear for sentence before the superior or district court, the court may impose a sentence and suspend the execution of the sentence, in whole or in part, or place the defendant on probation without the imposition of a suspended sentence. The suspension shall place the defendant on probation for the time and on any terms and conditions that the court may fix.

(b) The period of probation, where no sentence is imposed or where sentence is entirely suspended, may be for any period up to the maximum time of sentence provided by applicable statutes. Where sentence is imposed and suspended in part, the term ordered to be served and the period of probation together shall not exceed the maximum time of sentence provided by applicable statutes.

(c) At any time during the term of a sentence imposed, the probation and parole unit of the department of corrections may seek permission of the superior or district court to modify a defendant's conditions of probation set at the time of sentence by either imposing additional conditions of probation or removing previously imposed conditions of probation to provide for more effective supervision of the defendant. Failure of the defendant to comply with modified conditions of probation may result in a violation of probation being filed pursuant to § 12-19-9.

History of Section.
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