Criminal Procedure

Railroad, Steamboat, and Bridge Police

SECTION 12-2-3

§ 12-2-3. Power to preserve order.

(a) Railroad police officers may:

(1) Preserve order within and upon the premises and cars of the corporation upon whose petition they were appointed;

(2) Arrest without a warrant intoxicated or disorderly persons frequenting the premises or cars and by their presence or conduct, or by profane or indecent language obstructing or annoying travelers using them; and

(3) Take the persons to the nearest police station or other place of lawful detention.

(b) In addition to these powers, railroad police officers shall possess and exercise any other powers to arrest without a warrant on the premises, cars, vehicles, or any property in the custody or control of the corporations or companies and upon streets, highways, and lands immediately abutting the property or premises, that are conferred on police officers of the cities and towns of the state.

History of Section.
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