Criminal Procedure

Appeals in Criminal Cases

SECTION 12-22-4

§ 12-22-4. Giving of recognizance for discharge pending appeal.

Upon a claim of appeal from the sentence of a district court, the appellant, in order to be discharged from immediate imprisonment upon the sentence, shall enter into a recognizance before one of the persons before whom an appeal may be claimed, in the sum fixed by the court, with or without surety or sureties to the satisfaction of the person taking the recognizance, conditioned that the appellant shall appear in the superior court upon the assignment day for the appeal, the exact date of the assignment day to be stated in the recognizance, and whenever his or her appeal is called for trial, and there prosecute the appeal with effect, and abide or perform the order or sentence which the superior court may make or impose in the case, and that he or she will in the meantime keep the peace.

History of Section.
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