Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 3
Jurisdiction and Venue of Offenses

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-3-10

§ 12-3-10. Enumeration of statutes of limitation.

The following compilation of statutes of limitation for criminal offenses is set forth as an aid to the public and is not intended to replace the specific statutes referred to in this section. The omission of any statute of limitation from this list shall in no way affect the validity of the statute.

Section Offense Period of Limitations
4-4-26 Offenses relating to diseased animals 30 days
11-13-2 Prosecution of illegal sale, use or possession of fireworks 30 days
11-47-53 Prosecution for firing weapons or carrying loaded weapons in vehicles 30 days
12-12-17 Minor criminal offenses; time for indictment or information 3 years
12-12-18 New indictment or information to replace one stolen, lost or destroyed 1 year
17-23-11 Prosecution of election law offenses 1 year
28-39-32 Temporary disability insurance act offenses 5 years
30-13-46(a) Prosecution for desertion, AWOL during war, aiding the enemy or mutiny under the Rhode Island Code of Military Justice No limit
30-13-46(b) Prosecution for desertion in peacetime or perjury under the Rhode Island Code of Military Justice 3 years
30-13-46(c) Prosecution for summary court-martial offenses under the Rhode Island Code of Military Justice 2 years
31-23.2-8 To enforce liability for tampering with odometers 6 months
46-7-4 Proceedings for forfeitures for wrongfully making fast a vessel to a stake or buoy, or damaging same, in the Pawtucket River, Warren River or upper Narragansett Bay, or to markers or beacons in other areas 6 months

History of Section.
P.L. 1982, ch. 388, § 1.