Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 30
Protection and Supervision of Criminal Witnesses

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-30-12

§ 12-30-12. Annual report.

(a) On the second Friday of January of each year, the attorney general shall submit a report to the general assembly stating the number of proposed agreements submitted to the witness protection review board during the previous year and the number of agreements approved by the board and the attorney general.

(b) In addition, the report shall provide:

(1) The number of witnesses currently in the program;

(2) The number of witnesses in the custody of the department of corrections and in the custody of the state police;

(3) The charges pending against each witness and the proposed disposition resulting from his or her cooperation;

(4) The number of indictments that have resulted from information obtained from each witness;

(5) The number of convictions that have resulted from the information obtained from each witness and the sentences imposed by the court; and

(6) An itemization of all expenditures of public funds made by or on behalf of each witness, listed by the purpose of the expenditure.

(c) The report shall not disclose the identity of any witness not already publicly known to be participating in the program, nor shall it disclose any specific information that might tend to reveal the location of the witness.

History of Section.
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