Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 4
Recognizance to Keep the Peace

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-4-6

§ 12-4-6. Discharge on failure to find complaint supported by evidence — Costs.

If the district court before which the warrant shall be returned, or any warrant triable before it, upon which recognizance with surety for costs may be required by it, shall not consider the complaint, after trial, to be supported by the evidence adduced, the court shall immediately discharge the accused, and, as soon as may be, tax the costs that have accrued on it, including the attendance and travel of the witnesses summoned and present or sworn on the part of the complainant, and, if the costs are not paid within ten (10) days, shall issue execution for the costs against the complainant and his or her surety, returnable in twenty (20) days from the date of execution. The costs when collected shall be paid to the clerk, if there is any, or if not, to the justice, and be paid out by the clerk or justice to the several persons having right to them, or to the general treasurer.

History of Section.
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