Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Chapter 5.1
Interception of Wire and Oral Communications

R.I. Gen. Laws § 12-5.1-14

§ 12-5.1-14. Annual report of interceptions to the general assembly.

(a) On the second Friday of January, of each year, the attorney general shall submit a report to the general assembly stating the number of applications made for orders during the previous year and the number of orders issued. In addition, the report shall provide, for each wiretap order and renewal:

(1) A breakdown of the effective period of the wiretap;

(2) The designation of the offenses for which the wiretap was sought;

(3) The number of interceptions made by the wiretap during the reported year;

(4) An indication whether any indictments were obtained as a result of those intercepts; (5) An indication, if any motions to suppress were made, whether the motions were granted; and

(6) The prosecutorial results, if any, of the wiretap, including the criminal sentences imposed on any individual who pleads or is convicted of a crime in which wiretaps were instituted.

(b) If the wiretap order is a renewal from a previous year, or a case is closed in which a wiretap order had been previously obtained, the report shall list with the information provided in subsection (a) of this section a separate breakdown of the information for prior years. The report shall not include any information of wiretaps which remain in operation at the time the report is filed. This report shall be a public document. The report shall also include the number of pen registers and trap and trace devices authorized.

History of Section.
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