Title 12
Criminal Procedure

Index of Chapters

Chapter 12-1 Identification and Apprehension of Criminals

Chapter 12-1.1 State Crime Laboratory Commission

Chapter 12-1.2 State Crime Laboratory

Chapter 12-1.3 Expungement of Criminal Records

Chapter 12-1.4 Commission for the Safety and Care of the Elderly

Chapter 12-1.5 DNA Detection of Sexual and Violent Offenders

Chapter 12-1.6 National Criminal Records Check System

Chapter 12-2 Railroad, Steamboat, and Bridge Police

Chapter 12-2.1 Special Police for Private Institutions

Chapter 12-2.2 Capitol Police for Public Buildings

Chapter 12-3 Jurisdiction and Venue of Offenses

Chapter 12-4 Recognizance to Keep the Peace

Chapter 12-5 Search Warrants

Chapter 12-5.1 Interception of Wire and Oral Communications

Chapter 12-5.2 Pen Registers and Trap and Trace Devices

Chapter 12-6 Warrants for Arrest

Chapter 12-7 Arrest

Chapter 12-8 Close Pursuit

Chapter 12-9 Extradition

Chapter 12-10 Preliminary Proceedings in District Courts

Chapter 12-11 County Grand Juries

Chapter 12-11.1 Statewide Grand Juries

Chapter 12-12 Indictments, Informations and Complaints

Chapter 12-13 Bail and Recognizance

Chapter 12-14 Payment of Traffic Fines

Chapter 12-15 Public Defender

Chapter 12-16 Attendance of Witnesses from Without State

Chapter 12-16.1 Uniform Rendition of Prisoners as Witnesses in Criminal Proceeding Act

Chapter 12-17 Trial

Chapter 12-18 Probation

Chapter 12-18.1 Probation and Parole Support Act

Chapter 12-19 Sentence and Execution

Chapter 12-19.1 Judicial Sentencing Disclosure Act

Chapter 12-19.2 Sentencing to Life Imprisonment Without Parole

Chapter 12-19.3 Sentencing Standards

Chapter 12-20 Costs

Chapter 12-21 Recovery of Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures

Chapter 12-22 Appeals in Criminal Cases

Chapter 12-23 Criminal Law Advisory Commission

Chapter 12-24 Uniform Crime Reporting System

Chapter 12-25 Criminal Injuries Compensation

Chapter 12-25.1 Criminal Royalties

Chapter 12-26 Special Commission on Criminal Justice

Chapter 12-27 Adjudication of Obscene Publications

Chapter 12-28 Victim’s Rights

Chapter 12-29 Domestic Violence Prevention Act

Chapter 12-29.1 Elderly Violence Prevention Act

Chapter 12-30 Protection and Supervision of Criminal Witnesses

Chapter 12-31 Community Restitution

Chapter 12-32 Cell Phone Tracking

Chapter 12-33  Claims for Wrongful Conviction and Imprisonment