Criminals – Correctional Institutions

Station Houses for Women

SECTION 13-5-4

§ 13-5-4. Hours of duty of matrons.

(a) The respective hours of service of the police matrons shall be so arranged by the authorities in charge of the police department that:

(1) In the city of Providence, at least one matron shall be on duty at all hours of the day and night; and

(2) In each of the other cities or towns one matron shall be near to and within call of each designated police station at all hours.

(b) Every police matron:

(1) In the city of Providence shall, during her hours of service, remain constantly on duty at the station at which she serves; and

(2) In each of the other cities or towns shall reside at or near the station to which she is attached, and shall hold herself in readiness to answer any call from the station during her hours of service, so long as any woman remains confined at the station.

History of Section.
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