Criminals – Correctional Institutions


SECTION 13-8-16

§ 13-8-16. Terms of parole.

(a) Every permit issued by the parole board under this chapter shall entitle the prisoner to whom it is issued to be at liberty upon parole during the remainder of the term which he or she is under sentence to serve, upon any terms and conditions that the board may see fit in its discretion to prescribe, and the acceptance of the permit by the prisoner shall constitute an agreement on the part of the prisoner to abide by and conform to those terms and conditions.

(b) When a prisoner is released on parole to serve a sentence in another state, the board shall request that the receiving state notify the board immediately upon the prisoner's release from the correctional facility in the receiving state. The executive secretary of the board shall, within five (5) days of receipt of the notice, notify the state police and the local police departments as set forth in § 13-8-9.1 of the release of the prisoner.

History of Section.
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