Criminals – Correctional Institutions


SECTION 13-8-18

§ 13-8-18. Revocation of parole – Hearing.

The parole board may, by a majority vote of all of its members, revoke, in accordance with the provisions of § 13-8-18.1, any permit issued by it to any prisoner under the provisions of this chapter or revoke any permit issued by another state or jurisdiction where the prisoner is being supervised by the Rhode Island parole board whenever it shall appear to the board that the prisoner has violated any of the terms or conditions of his or her permit or conditions of parole set by an out-of-state jurisdiction, or has during the period of his or her parole violated any state laws. Whenever it shall come to the knowledge of the board that any prisoner at liberty under a permit issued by this state or another state or jurisdiction has been guilty of any violation, the chairperson shall issue his or her warrant to any officer authorized to serve criminal process to arrest the prisoner and commit him or her to the adult correctional institutions, to be detained until the board shall have an opportunity to determine whether the permit of the prisoner is to be revoked in accordance with the provisions of § 13-8-18.1, or in the case of prisoners granted parole by another state or jurisdiction, and supervised by the Rhode Island parole board, until that state or jurisdiction takes custody of the prisoner. If the board shall determine that the permit shall not be revoked, then the board shall immediately order the prisoner to be set at liberty under the terms and conditions of his or her original permit.

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