Delinquent and Dependent Children

Proceedings in Family Court

SECTION 14-1-5

§ 14-1-5. Exclusive jurisdiction.

The court shall, as set forth in this chapter, have exclusive original jurisdiction in proceedings:

(1) Concerning any child residing or being within the state who is: (i) delinquent; (ii) wayward; (iii) dependent; (iv) neglected; or (v) mentally disabled, except that any person aged seventeen (17) years of age or older who is charged with a delinquent offense involving murder, first degree sexual assault, or assault with intent to commit murder shall not be subject to the jurisdiction of the family court if, after a hearing, the family court determines that probable cause exists to believe that the offense charged has been committed and that the person charged has committed the offense. The family court shall conduct a hearing within ten (10) days of the arraignment on the charge(s), unless the time for the hearing is extended by the court for good cause shown;

(2) Concerning adoption of children;

(3) To determine the paternity of any child alleged to have been born out of wedlock and to provide for the support and disposition of that child in case that child or its mother has residence within the state;

(4) Relating to child marriages, as prescribed by § 15-2-11; and

(5) Referred to the court in accordance with the provisions of § 14-1-28.

History of Section.
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