Delinquent and Dependent Children

O'Rourke Children's Center

SECTION 14-4-2

§ 14-4-2 Receipt and care of children – Release or return to other custodial authority.

The department of children, youth, and families shall receive, in accordance with the rules established by it, any children that may be declared vagrant, truant, neglected, or dependent on the public for support, pursuant to this chapter, who are under eighteen (18) years of age, and who are in a suitable condition of mind to be instructed, and may release or discharge any child from its care and custody to the child's relatives or others whenever the director of the department is satisfied that the object of the commitment has been accomplished and conditions appertaining to the child are deemed to justify the release or discharge. Any child who shall be found by the director to be of unsound mind, or who may be considered by the director an improper inmate of the institution, shall be immediately returned by the department to the custodial authority from whom the child was received, who are hereby required to receive the child.

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