Title 15
Domestic Relations

Chapter 11.1
Full Enforcement of Support Obligations

R.I. Gen. Laws § 15-11.1-7

§ 15-11.1-7. Suspension by board — Notice from board.

(a) Upon receipt of the certification of noncompliance from the department issued in accordance with § 15-11.1-6, a board shall suspend the obligor’s license and refuse to issue or reissue a license until the obligor provides the board with a release from the department that states the obligor is in compliance with the obligor’s support order. When an obligor who is served notice under § 15-11.1-3 subsequently complies with the court order of support, the department shall within five (5) business days after compliance provide the obligor with written confirmation and a release that the obligor is in compliance with the order. A suspension by a board or a refusal by a board to reissue, renew, or otherwise extend the license or certificate of authority shall be deemed a final determination for the purposes of chapter 35 of title 42.

(b) A board shall notify an obligor certified by the department under § 15-11.1-6, without undue delay, that the obligor’s application for the issuance or renewal of a license may not be granted or that the obligor’s license has been suspended because the obligor’s name has been certified by the department as a support obligor who is not in compliance with a court order of support.

(c) Within five (5) business days of receiving written confirmation that the obligor is in compliance with the court order of support, the board shall reinstate, reissue, renew or otherwise extend the obligor’s license or certificate of authority.

[See § 12-1-15 of the General Laws.]

History of Section.
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