Title 15
Domestic Relations

Chapter 26
State Disbursement Unit for the Collection and Distribution of Child Support

R.I. Gen. Laws § 15-26-2

§ 15-26-2. Operation.

(a) The centralized state collection and disbursement unit shall be operated directly by the department of administration, division of taxation or its designee and in coordination with the automated system.

(b) The centralized state collection and disbursement unit shall use the automated procedures, electronic processes, including the electronic funds transfer (EFT) provisions as authorized by the tax administrator under § 44-1-31, and computer driven technology to the maximum extent feasible, efficient and economical for the collection and disbursement of support payments, including procedures for receipt from parents, employers, and other states, and for disbursement to custodial parents and other obligees, the state agency, and the agencies of other states:

(1) For accurate identification of payments;

(2) To ensure prompt disbursement of the custodial parent’s share of any payment; and

(3) To furnish to any parent, upon request, timely information on the current status of support payments.

History of Section.
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