Title 15
Domestic Relations

Chapter 7
Adoption of Children

R.I. Gen. Laws § 15-7-10

§ 15-7-10. Consent of minor parents.

(a) For the purposes of this section, “minor” refers to an individual under the age of eighteen (18).

(b) No minor parent may give a binding consent to any adoption petition or to any termination of rights pursuant to § 15-7-6 except with the consent of one of the parents, guardian, or guardian ad litem of the minor parent; provided, that if the whereabouts of both of the parents of the minor parent are unknown, that fact shall be sworn to by the petitioners or an unauthorized officer or official of a duly licensed child placement agency or of a governmental child placement agency; after notice in accordance with § 15-7-9 and upon finding that the granting of the petition for adoption or the termination of rights is in the best interest of the child, the family court may grant the petition.

History of Section.
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