Domestic Relations

Uniform Law on Paternity

SECTION 15-8-7

§ 15-8-7. Jurisdiction and remedies.

(a) The family court has jurisdiction of an action commenced under §§ 15-8-1 – 15-8-26, and all remedies for the enforcement of orders for the expense of pregnancy and confinement for the mother, and for education, necessary support and maintenance, or funeral expenses for legitimate children shall apply. The court has continuing jurisdiction to modify or revoke an order and to increase or decrease amounts fixed by order for future education and necessary support and maintenance. All remedies under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, §§ 15-23.1-101 – 15-23.1-903, are available for enforcement of duties of support and maintenance under §§ 15-8-1 – 15-8-26.

(b) A person who has had sexual intercourse in this state submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of this state as to any action with respect to a child who may have been conceived by that act of intercourse. In addition, the court may exercise jurisdiction over a nonresident individual pursuant to § 15-23.1-201. Jurisdiction shall be acquired by service made in accordance with § 9-5-33.

History of Section.
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