Title 15
Domestic Relations

Index of Chapters

Chapter 15-1 Persons Eligible to Marry

Chapter 15-2 Marriage Licenses

Chapter 15-3 Solemnization of Marriages

Chapter 15-3.1 Civil Unions

Chapter 15-4 Married Women’s Rights

Chapter 15-5 Divorce and Separation

Chapter 15-6 Uniform Divorce Recognition Act

Chapter 15-7 Adoption of Children

Chapter 15-7.1 Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance

Chapter 15-7.2 Passive Voluntary Adoption Mutual Consent Registry Act

Chapter 15-8 Uniform Law on Paternity

Chapter 15-8.1 Uniform Parentage Act

Chapter 15-9 Support of Children [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

Chapter 15-10 Support of Parents

Chapter 15-11 Reciprocal Enforcement of Support [Repealed.]

Chapter 15-11.1 Full Enforcement of Support Obligations

Chapter 15-12 Age of Majority

Chapter 15-13 Divorce or Separation Proceedings — Support for Children Receiving Public Assistance

Chapter 15-14 Child Custody [Repealed.]

Chapter 15-14.1 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

Chapter 15-15 Domestic Abuse Prevention

Chapter 15-15.1 The Uniform Interstate Enforcement of Domestic Violence Protection Orders Act

Chapter 15-16 Income Withholding

Chapter 15-17 Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

Chapter 15-18 Commission on Child Support

Chapter 15-19 Child Support Security Deposit Act

Chapter 15-20 Child Support Notification

Chapter 15-21 Child Support Lien Act

Chapter 15-22 Exchange of Information in Support of Child Support Collection

Chapter 15-23 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act [Repealed.]

Chapter 15-23.1 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

Chapter 15-24 Reporting of New Hires

Chapter 15-25 Credit Reporting

Chapter 15-26 State Disbursement Unit for the Collection and Distribution of Child Support

Chapter 15-27 [Reserved.]

Chapter 15-28 Recognition and Enforcement of Interstate Authority

Chapter 15-29 Medical Support

Chapter 15-30 Legal Representation in Child Support Cases