CHAPTER 16-12.1
School Administrators' Rights

SECTION 16-12.1-3

§ 16-12.1-3. Notice required – Hearing.

Prior to taking final action dismissing or not renewing the employment of an administrator, and subsequent to suspending the employment of an administrator, a regional or local school committee shall provide the affected administrator with: (1) a concise, clear, written statement, privately communicated, of the bases or reasons for the suspension, dismissal, or nonrenewal, and (2) notification of the right of the administrator to a prompt hearing, which shall be at the election of the administrator, and the right to be represented by counsel at the hearing. Upon the request of a hearing by the administrator, prompt notification stating the time and place of the hearing shall be given. The time and place set for the hearing shall allow sufficient opportunity to the administrator for preparation without undue delay.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1979, ch. 372, § 1.)