Teachers' Retirement [See Title 16 Chapter 97 – The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

SECTION 16-16-6.2

§ 16-16-6.2. Service credit for appropriate work experience – Contributions.

(a) In determining the creditable service of any vocational education teacher employed in any city or town or by the state for the purpose of retirement or a service retirement allowance (not including a deferred retirement allowance), there may be added to, and included in, total service as defined in this chapter not more than five (5) years of "appropriate work experience" pursuant to § 16-60-4(9)(ii). This service shall not be counted as creditable service unless the member shall pay into the retirement system a contribution equal to the full actuarial costs for each year of service for which he or she claims credit.

(b) Credit for "appropriate work experience" which is purchased under paragraph (a) above may also be used for retirement purposes under the provisions of subsection (a) for teachers who retire on ordinary disability under § 16-16-14, provided those teachers have at least ten (10) years' creditable service.

(c) The term "appropriate work experience" means service in any industry, business, or other appropriate enterprise for which certification credit has been given pursuant to the "standards and qualifications for certification of teachers" as provided in § 16-60-4(9)(ii).

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