Compulsory Attendance [See Title 16 Chapter 97 – The Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

SECTION 16-19-4

§ 16-19-4. Prosecution of violations – Process – Fees.

The truant officers shall, under the direction of the school committee, inquire into all cases arising under the provisions of this chapter, and shall be authorized, with the assistance of police officers upon request in case of violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, to make complaint for violations of this chapter. They may also serve all legal processes issued in pursuance of this chapter, but shall not be entitled to receive any fees for the service; provided, however, that in case of the commitment of any person under the provisions of any section of this chapter, or for default of payment of any fine and costs imposed, the officer shall be entitled to the regular fees allowed by law for similar service.

History of Section.
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