Title 16

Chapter 22
Curriculum [See Title 16 Chapter 97 — the Rhode Island Board of Education Act]

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-22-37

§ 16-22-37. Dual language immersion model policy and timeline.

(a) The Rhode Island department of education (“department”), in consultation with local education agencies (“LEAs”) that have a dual language immersion program, shall create a model policy and timeline to assist LEAs in developing and implementing a dual language immersion program.

(b) The LEAs approached by the department to consult on the model policy and timeline pursuant to subsection (a) shall cooperate with the department’s requests or inquiries related to any dual language immersion program in a timely manner.

(c) The model policy and timeline shall:

(1) Be accessed easily by LEAs through electronic publication or other public distribution; and

(2) Include, but need not be limited to:

(i) A detailed description of best practices;

(ii) A step-by-step timeline; and

(iii) A list of sources consulted and additional resources to which LEAs may refer if any questions arise concerning the development and implementation of a dual language immersion program.

(d) The model policy and timeline shall be sent to the president of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives by January 1, 2023. The department shall also report to the general assembly, beginning on July 31, 2023, and annually thereafter, the number of LEAs with dual language immersion programs, the number of students served in a dual language immersion program by grade level, and the number of teachers for each grade with a dual language immersion program for the most recent school year.

(e) The Rhode Island department of education shall:

(1) Research the educational impact of dual language immersion programs across New England and report the findings to the general assembly no later than July 31, 2023; and

(2) Encourage LEAs to expand or develop courses in world languages in order that students in elementary and middle schools have access to these courses.

(f) For the purposes of this section, “local education agencies” shall include all of the following within the state of Rhode Island:

(1) Public school districts;

(2) Regional school districts;

(3) State-operated schools;

(4) Regional collaborative schools; and

(5) Charter schools.

History of Section.
P.L. 2022, ch. 362, § 1, effective June 29, 2022; P.L. 2022, ch. 363, § 1, effective June 29, 2022.