CHAPTER 16-42.2
Rhode Island Academy for Gifted and Talented Limited English Proficient Students

SECTION 16-42.2-3

§ 16-42.2-3. Operations.

The department of elementary and secondary education shall:

(1) Establish policies and procedures for the academy consistent with this chapter;

(2) Carry out the following responsibilities:

(i) Inform all school systems of the functions and funding of the academy;

(ii) Review and approve proposals submitted by local school systems;

(iii) Help to create new and productive approaches of providing direct services to meet the needs of LEP gifted and talented students;

(iv) Consult with the gifted and LEP state advisory committees on the operation of the academy program;

(v) Assure that services funded under the academy's auspices are direct and supplementary services to LEP gifted and talented students;

(vi) Monitor funded programs;

(vii) Report on progress of programs funded under the academy.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1989, ch. 272, § 1.)