CHAPTER 16-48.1
Certification of Personnel Providing Educational Services to Very Young Children

SECTION 16-48.1-4

§ 16-48.1-4. Criminal records checks – Operations.

Any person seeking to operate a facility covered under § 16-48-1 shall apply to the Rhode Island bureau of criminal identification for a nationwide criminal records check. The check will conform to the applicable federal standards including the taking of fingerprints to identify the applicant and any expense associated with providing the criminal record check shall be paid by the applicant and/or requesting agency. The commissioner will determine by rule those items of information appearing on a criminal records check which constitute disqualifying information because the information would indicate that the operation or, in the case of an employee, the employment could endanger the health or welfare of a child or children. Upon the discovery of any disqualifying information with respect to a proposed operator, the bureau of criminal identification will inform the commissioner in writing of the nature of the disqualifying information.

History of Section.
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