Title 16

Chapter 48.1
Certification of Personnel Providing Educational Services to Very Young Children

R.I. Gen. Laws § 16-48.1-5

§ 16-48.1-5. Criminal records check — Employee.

Any person seeking employment, if the employment involves supervisory or disciplinary power over a child or children or involves routine contact with a child or children without the presence of other employees, in any facility covered under § 16-48-1 shall, after acceptance by the employer of the affidavit required by § 16-48.1-3, apply to the Rhode Island bureau of criminal identification for a nationwide criminal records check. The check will conform to applicable federal standards including the taking of fingerprints to identify the applicant and any expenses associated with providing the criminal records check shall be paid by the applicant and/or requesting agency. Upon the discovery of any disqualifying information as defined in accordance with the rule promulgated by the commissioner, the Rhode Island bureau of criminal identification will inform the applicant, in writing, of the nature of the disqualifying information. In addition, the Rhode Island bureau of criminal identification will inform the employer, in writing, without disclosing the nature of the disqualifying information, that an item of disqualifying information has been discovered. In those situations in which no disqualifying information has been found, the Rhode Island bureau of criminal identification will inform both the applicant and the employer, in writing, of this fact. The employer will maintain on file, subject to inspection by the commissioner, evidence that the criminal records checks have been initiated on all employees seeking employment after August 1, 1985, and the results of the checks. Failure to maintain that evidence on file will be prima facie grounds to revoke the license or registration of the operator of the facility. It will be the responsibility of the Rhode Island bureau of criminal identification to conduct the nationwide criminal records check pursuant to this section. The nationwide criminal records check will be provided to the applicant for employment without charge to the applicant and without charge to the prospective employer if the employer is a tax exempt corporation or an unincorporated nonprofit organization qualified under § 501(c) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. § 501(c).

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