Educational Services to Very Young Children

SECTION 16-48-5

§ 16-48-5. Revocation of approval.

The commissioner of elementary and secondary education may revoke or refuse to renew the approval of any nursery school or program approved upon reasonable notice to the school authorities and provided that a hearing on the revocation shall be afforded the parties. Grounds for revocation or refusal to renew shall include:

(1) Failure to maintain standards;

(2) Refusal to submit proper reports or records;

(3) Refusal to admit authorized representatives of the department of elementary and secondary education;

(4) Furnishing or making misleading or false statements or reports;

(5) Failure to maintain adequate financial resources; or

(6) Any other cause which, in the opinion of the commissioner, may be detrimental to the health, education, safety, or welfare of the children involved.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1968, ch. 284, § 1.)