The Rhode Island School Staff Institute

SECTION 16-66-2

§ 16-66-2. Findings.

The general assembly has found and declares that:

(1) In-service education is different from pre-service education. Effective staff development programs are directed at educational improvements and also encourage the professional development of individual participants.

(2) In-service education, whether local, state, or federally supported, must be designed as an integral part of the school program.

(3) The most effective in-service education programs are those with a high degree of participant control.

(4) In-service education programs most beneficial to students are those designed primarily to improve the quality of teaching in a school or department of a school.

(5) In-service education programs most beneficial to school department staff are those that are designed to improve professional practices and/or provide professional growth and stimulation.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1985, ch. 59, § 1.)