CHAPTER 16-7.2
The Education Equity and Property Tax Relief Act

SECTION 16-7.2-4

§ 16-7.2-4. Determination of state's share.

(a) For each district, the state's share of the foundation education aid calculated pursuant to § 16-7.2-3(a) shall use a calculation that considers a district's revenue-generating capacity and concentration of high-need students. The calculation is the square root of the sum of the state-share ratio for the community calculation, pursuant to § 16-7-20, squared plus the district's percentage of students in grades PK-6 in poverty status squared, divided by two.

(b) For purposes of determining the state's share, school district student data used in this calculation shall include charter school and state school students. These ratios are used in the permanent foundation education aid formula calculation described in § 16-7.2-5.

History of Section.
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