Canvassing the Lists of Qualified Electors

SECTION 17-10-14

§ 17-10-14. Final list – Certification.

The registration, as finally corrected pursuant to this chapter, shall constitute the voting list to be used at the election for which it has been canvassed, and shall be certified for use pursuant to chapter 19 of this title. Only the original of the list needs to be signed by the board of canvassers, and copies of the list may be certified by a duly placed stamp on the copy. The voting list shall be deemed a public record; and a copy of the list shall be made available, upon request, to any elector within the city or town upon payment of no more than the actual cost of reproduction. Notwithstanding certification of the results of the final canvass, persons who subsequently become ineligible to vote for failure to comply with the provisions of § 17-9.1-25 shall not be permitted to vote in the election unless and until their residency is established pursuant to that section. The names of those persons shall be placed on the inactive list.

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