Canvassing the Lists of Qualified Electors

SECTION 17-10-3

§ 17-10-3. Publication of preliminary lists.

(a) Immediately after the close of registration for each general election and each primary election for a general election, the local board shall publish and post a preliminary list of all persons who appear from the registration cards to be duly registered to vote at the next ensuing election. The preliminary list for a primary election shall be subject to the requirements of chapter 13 of this title. The preliminary list shall contain the names and addresses of registered voters arranged in the same order as the file of original registration cards. The preliminary list shall be computer generated from the statewide central voter registry system. The list shall be available for public inspection at the local board of canvassers, where the list shall be open to examination at all reasonable times. The local board shall, upon request, furnish without charge and without unreasonable delay, five (5) copies of the preliminary list to the state, city, or town chairperson of any political party.

(b) The preliminary list shall be deemed a public record; and any elector of the city or town, upon request, shall be given a copy of the list upon payment of no more than the actual cost of reproduction.

(c) The preliminary list shall contain the following language in bold print:

"You must be registered to vote from your actual place of residence."

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