Title 17

Chapter 11
Voting Districts and Officials

R.I. Gen. Laws § 17-11-12

§ 17-11-12. Qualifications of election officials — Vacancies.

Election officials shall, whenever possible, be qualified electors in the city, town, senatorial or representative district, or voting district in which they are appointed to serve, and shall severally be able to read the Constitution of the state in the English language and to write their names. Every person appointed as a warden, clerk, moderator, or supervisor shall, within forty-eight (48) hours thereafter, be notified in writing by the clerk of the local board of the appointment; and the person appointed shall, within five (5) days of his or her appointment, notify the clerk in writing of that person’s acceptance or declination of the appointment, and any vacancy occurring among these election officials, whether by declination or refusal to serve or by failure to notify the clerk, or by failure from any cause to appear at or remain during the time when they are required to perform their duties, shall be immediately filled by the local board, or by its presiding officer if the board is not in session, from the lists provided for in § 17-11-10. Each of these election officials shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of his or her duties before entering upon the performance of his duties.

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