CHAPTER 17-12.1
Primaries for Election of Delegates to National Conventions and for Presidential Preference

SECTION 17-12.1-11

§ 17-12.1-11. Form of ballot.

(a) The order on the ballot, subject to final determination of any objections filed with the board of elections and the removal of said individual(s) by the secretary of state post-lot, of the presidential nominees and delegates and the uncommitted delegates shall be chosen by lot under the direction of the secretary of state.

(b) Individuals committed to a particular presidential candidate or uncommitted shall appear in a manner so that the candidates for delegates shall be readily identified with the presidential candidate to whom they are committed or shall appear in a manner that clearly shows they are uncommitted.

(c) No person shall appear on the ballot as a candidate for delegate more than once.

(d) There shall be nothing on the ballot to indicate or suggest any political party endorsement.

(e) The secretary of state shall prepare and arrange the ballot for use in the primaries authorized in this title, which shall include, as to the candidates for delegates, the person to whom the candidates are committed and any other information and instruction that the secretary of state shall deem necessary.

History of Section.
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