CHAPTER 17-12.1
Primaries for Election of Delegates to National Conventions and for Presidential Preference

SECTION 17-12.1-8

§ 17-12.1-8. Presidential preference primary.

(a) On the same date and at the same time as the election of delegates to national conventions, as provided in § 17-12.1-1, there shall be held a presidential preference primary for each political party at which each party voter shall have the opportunity to vote his or her preference for his or her choice for one person to be the candidate of his or her party for president of the United States.

(b) The secretary of state shall place on the ballot the name of all persons qualified as candidates for presidential nominee as provided in § 17-12.1-4, and who have not filed with the secretary of state the affidavit as provided in § 17-12.1-4, and shall list under the name of each candidate for presidential nominee, arranged by lot, the names of all candidates for delegates to a national convention who submitted the approval of the candidate for presidential nominee as set forth in § 17-12.1-7. All other candidates for delegates to a national convention shall be listed on the ballot, arranged by lot, as uncommitted, unless otherwise specified in party rules.

History of Section.
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