Party Committees and Conventions

SECTION 17-12-12

§ 17-12-12. Vacancies in district committees.

(a) In the event that the candidates elected to a district committee from a district do not equal the number of party committee members to which the district is entitled to be represented under provisions of § 17-12-7, a vacancy or vacancies exist to the extent of the difference between the number of elected members and the number of members by which the district is entitled to be represented. When the vacancy or vacancies exist, they shall be filled by the committee to which insufficient members were elected, in the manner provided for in this section.

(b) In the event of the appointment or election to a committee of an ineligible person, or whenever any member of the committee dies, resigns, or becomes incapacitated to act, or removes from the jurisdiction of the committee, or ceases to be a member of the political party, a vacancy exists which shall be filled by appointment by the committee in which the ineligibility or vacancy occurs. The removal of residence by an elected or appointment member of a committee from the district from which he or she has been elected or appointed a member of that committee shall constitute his or her resignation from the committee.

(c) Any vacancy occurring in any of the officers and/or membership of the district committees shall be filled by the remaining members of the committee. A statement of that action by any committee shall be filed with the secretary of state and with the local board.

(d) If any vacancy occurs with respect to the membership of a district committee, and the vacancy is not filled within forty-five (45) days of the date of notice of the vacancy to the remaining members of the committee, the vacancy shall be filled by the state committee of the political party involved, the executive committee of the state committee or any duly elected subcommittee of the executive committee or by the state chairperson of the political party if so authorized. A statement of that action shall be filed with the secretary of state and with the local board.

(e) In the event a district committee shall not organize or reorganize pursuant to § 17-12-9, the incumbent senator or representative, or the state committee chairperson in the case of the party not affiliated with the senator or representative, shall appoint a district committee which shall be the lawful district committee.

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