Party Committees and Conventions

SECTION 17-12-9

§ 17-12-9. Organization of city, town, and district committees – Officers – Lists of officers and members.

(a) All city, town, and district committees shall organize biennially in the month of January in every odd year; provided, that the city committee of the city of Providence shall organize quadrennially.

(b) Each city committee organized under this section may elect not exceeding three (3) officers outside its membership from among the voters of the same political party in the city, and the officers shall, by virtue of their election, become members of the city committee and shall hold office until the next organization meeting of the committee.

(c) Each city committee, town committee, and district committee, within ten (10) days after its organization, shall file with the secretary of state and with the local board a list of its officers and members.

(d) The chairperson of the city committee of each political party in the city of Providence shall appoint the members of a ward committee for each of the several wards of the city of Providence. These appointed ward committee members shall hold office until their successors shall have been duly elected, qualified, and organized.

History of Section.
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