Primary Voting Lists

SECTION 17-13-1

§ 17-13-1. Preparation and posting of preliminary lists.

(a) In conformity with the requirements of chapter 10 of this title relating to preliminary lists generally, preceding the next primary election of a political party prior to a general election, each local board shall, for the party, prepare and post in the local board of canvassers a separate list of voters with their addresses in the districts who are eligible to participate in the primary of the respective party in accordance with the provisions of chapter 15 of this title. Each list shall be plainly marked with the name of the party for which it is prepared.

(b) In the preparation of any preliminary list, the names of all persons who are ineligible by reason of the provisions of § 17-15-24 shall be stricken from the list, and those persons are debarred from participating in the primary.

History of Section.
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