Nomination of Party and Independent Candidates

SECTION 17-14-11

§ 17-14-11. Checking and certification of nomination papers – Challenge.

Each nomination paper for party and independent candidates shall be submitted before four o'clock (4:00) p.m. on the sixtieth (60th) day before the primary to the local board of the city or town where the signers appear to be voters or, in the case of special elections, on the twenty-eighth (28th) day before the primary. Nomination papers for independent presidential candidates and presidential candidates of political parties, other than those defined in § 17-1-2(9), shall be filed not later than sixty (60) days prior to the general election. Each local board shall immediately proceed to check signatures on each nomination paper filed with it against the voting list as last canvassed or published according to law. In the case of candidates for statewide office, the local boards shall certify the number of names appearing on the nomination papers that are in conformity with the requirements of § 17-14-8, and after considering any challenge under this section, shall immediately file all nomination papers for the officers with the secretary of state. In the case of all other candidates, the local boards shall certify a sufficient number of names appearing on the nomination papers that are in conformity with the requirements of § 17-14-8 to qualify the candidate for a position on the ballot, and after considering any challenge under this section and, if necessary, certifying any additional valid names, shall immediately file nomination papers for general assembly and state and district committee candidates with the secretary of state; provided, that nomination papers for local candidates shall be retained by the local board. If any candidate or the chairperson of any party committee questions the validity or authenticity of any signature on the nomination paper, the local board shall immediately and summarily decide the question, and for this purpose, shall have the same powers as are conferred upon the board by the provisions of § 17-14-14. If any challenged signature is found to be invalid, for any reason in law, or forged, then the signature shall not be counted.

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